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Architect and Urban Planner, Lorí Crízel is Specialist in Neurosciences and Human Behavior, Master in Human Perception and Environmental Comfort, besides being a Doctoral student in Neuroarchitecture.


President of ANFA Brazil (Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture) and Member of the ANFA Center for Education Latin America.


Author of the 1º book in Brazil on Neuroarchitecture: “Neuroarchitecture, Neurodesign and Neurolighting: Neuroarchitecture and the Einfühlung Theory as a proposition for projectual practices”.


Coordinator and professor of more than 10 graduate courses and MBAs at the Graduate Institute IPOG and Professor of the Master Degree in Design for Architecture at POLI.Design at the Instituto Politecnico di Milano (Italy).


Received international certifications in Design Thinking and Light Design from the Instituto Politecnico di Milano (Italy).


CEO of Lorí Crízel + Partners.


Mentor of the Design Tank Brazil Program.


Founding member of the Neuro in Lab project.


Participated in professional/academic immersion activities in Norman Foster (London), Zaha Hadid (London), Christian de Portzamparc (Paris), BIG (Copenhagen), Effekt Architects (Copenhagen), Concrete Architects (Amsterdam), Aires Mateus (Lisbon), Hassell Studio (Singapore), AEDAS Architecture (Singapore), Architects 61 (Singapore), Design Link Architects (Singapore), Tandem Architects (Bangkok), DBALP Jam Factory (Bangkok) e X Architects (Dubai)


Performed institucional activities with POLI.Design at the Institute Politecnico di Milano (Italy), McGill University (Canada) and Universidade do Porto (Portugal).


Speeches + Workshops

In his lecture, Lorí Crízel addresses the concepts of Neuroarchitecture, seeking to highlight its dynamics and applications in the design universe. In addition to bringing lessons from his immersion in prominent offices around the world, he presents practical examples from his day to day to expand horizons and encourage professionals and students on their journey.


“How can I bring Neuroarchitecture into my daily life?” This and other issues are elucidated in his BOOTCAMPs (trainings/immersions), contemplating dynamics and unique experiences with technologies and equipment, also bringing didactic material rich in knowledge.


Aiming to make this knowledge useful and applicable to the daily life of companies and businesses, Lorí conducts mentorships to deal with everything, from how to approach your client to the application of team management dynamics, providing ideas and means to leverage your enterprise.

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” The more we understand people, more we understand projects! “

Lorí Crízel

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