Lorí Crízel

“Since my first contact with Architecture, I realized the real value of sharing knowledge as a way for Humanity to evolve. On this portal, you will find what I have accumulated of most valuable in my forays into great offices and knowledge trips. Welcome to my universe!”

Architecture and Design

Get to know the professional trajectory and the copyright projects

Lighting Design

Keep up with the main trends


All about the MBAs and Blended Learning coordinated by Lorí

Exchange program

Join in the architectural expeditions around the world


Learn about the MBAs and Blended Learning coordinated by Lorí Crízel in partnership with the Graduate Institute IPOG

Master in Neuroarchitecture

Online course

Interior Design 

Online Course

Master in Lighting Design

Online Course

Furniture Design

Online course

Master in Landscaping: Projectual Practices

Online course

Master BIM – Tools and Process

online course

Master in Commercial Architecture 

Online course

Master Bim: Coordination and Management 

Online course

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