Contributions of neuroarchitecture for commercial projects

As a professional, researcher, and professor in the field of Architecture, I feel obliged to keep myself updated on the evolution of the profession and the aspects that add results to the projectual act. In the last few years, I have been working on understanding the applicability of neuroscience to architectural projects, and to discover how the discoveries about the functioning of the human nervous system and the spatial readings made can directly impact the planning of a work.


Therefore, I dedicated myself to gather the maximum knowledge acquired in my studies and in practice to attend major national and international brands, to describe them in a didactic and easily understandable way in a single work. The book that I will soon publish will bring a reading of how neuroarchitecture benefits commercial projects, which need to be aligned with the ideals and results desired by the contracting brand.


Based on techniques of spatial reading, composition of environments and movement in spaces, I seek to translate ways of thinking about the projectual act towards the effective appropriation of spaces. This is because when a project is developed based on the knowledge of neuroarchitecture, it is designed to cognitively awaken the public that will have contact with it; often leading them unconsciously to assimilate company messages, without having full control over it.


To be able to translate the maximum knowledge in this sense, I sought reinforcement with a group of intellectuals from architecture, psychology, visual merchandising, and neuroscience to contribute with their knowledge in outlining a new way of thinking about commercial architecture. You will check the final result soon. But in the meantime, follow the interviews made and the texts on the subject on this portal that I prepare to contribute to your development.

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