A warm welcome to all!

A warm welcome to all!

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Lorí Crízel + Partners portal, idealized by countless hands and minds tuned into the same harmony: that of sharing of information about architecture, design, lighting, and trends. This has been the universe that I chose first as a professional, and later as a teacher, to improve, explore and plunge headfirst into the innovations in these areas.

I am a dedicated defender of education as a way of improving the human being. I believe that no one becomes the best at something, unless they choose an object of study to focus their energy on and stand out in the field. My universe is full of art, features, functionality and wonders that I want to share with everyone who grants me the honor of accompanying me (through here, and through social networks).

I also hope to receive feedback on topics which I would like to see explored on this portal, so that it is always built in a collaborative way and with the objective of helping to solve doubts, unveil curiosities and promote the exercise of knowledge built collectively.

In addition to authorial content and interviews with renowned professionals in the areas of interest of this portal, you will also find videos produced to explain the benefits of investing in your training, which address curiosities, as well as reports of immersion trips that I promote around the world, always based on in the enrichment of experiences and knowledge of the professionals who accompany me.

And as I could not do all of this alone, I chose a first-rate team to contribute to this search for trends, while not forgetting to give credit to what is already consecrated and part of human history. In the Office Hours tab you can see who my web partners are. Stay tuned, because one day you could be part of this team!

Guided tour of the website

In this portal, you will be able to get informed and be inspired as follows:


Architecture and Design

When accessing this tab, you will check my trajectory and understand the paths I took to get here. You will also learn about my authorial works and co-participation in projects of great professionals, when browsing the virtual portfolio. You will have access to international offices at which I have had the opportunity to immerse myself throughout my career, always in search of constant improvement. You will read articles and interviews that aim to extract the most valuable from my professional partners: the improved knowledge in their areas of expertise.



The lighting tab starts with the presentation of my curriculum applied to the training of lighting designers. You will also have access to my portfolio in this area. You will learn about the technological trends and innovations in the sector, as well as check the presentation of projects signed by light designers who are partners of the firm.



When accessing the Education tab, you will be automatically directed to my academic curriculum. You can also browse and clear your doubts about all the specializations and MBAs which I coordinate in partnership with the Graduate Institute IPOG. And download the free eBooks I prepare to assist you in your journey for knowledge.


Exchange Program

Here in this tab, I make an invitation for you to embark with me on the trips of knowledge that I promote. You will be able to access the itineraries, browse the logbook and feel part of this unique experience that we promote in the lives of the participating professionals. You will also be informed about the programs that I coordinate with the Graduate Institute IPOG and that allow me to help students take courses directly at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, or even become trainees in consolidated international offices.


Now that you have accompanied me on this virtual tour of the website, how about exploring it completely and signing up to receive the newsletter? A warm welcome to you!

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